What Is A Professional Trustee – And Who Needs One Anyway?

Professional Trustee

Are you having a hard time determining who should be your trustee? Or do you not have the right person to fill those shoes? In this short video, Abbey Flaum explains what a professional trustee is and who may need one.

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Watch here: https://youtu.be/i4Bfi5HCj-U?si=BT1KY_IYCWHV7vgW

Abbey Flaum

Abbey Flaum, J.D., LL.M.

Managing Director - Family Wealth Strategist

Abbey joined Homrich Berg after 16 years of law practice devoted to estate, gift and charitable planning, probate, trust and estate administration, pre/post-marital planning and business succession planning. As Managing Director - Family Wealth Strategist for Homrich Berg, Abbey applies the company’s holistic approach to each client’s planning, and she provides clients with ongoing, personalized guidance on tax-efficient wealth, business and estate planning strategies.