Serving You With A Team Approach

We believe in serving you with a team approach. Unlike other firms where you may just work mostly with one person, we typically have 3-4 people working with you as a client service team. This can include a principal, director, associate, and client care coordinator. The principal and/or director will typically be your lead contact but you will also interact with the associate on routine matters and the client care coordinator on paperwork, money movements, and other administrative items. The benefit of the team approach is that more than one person knows you and your family situation well – if someone is out on vacation you do not have to worry about HB being unable to help you with an urgent situation. Teams sit together in the office and work interactively to communicate about client issues, with everything tracked internally in a CRM system to ensure we stay on top of your unique needs.

Stepping back from your client service team, HB operates with a team approach as an entire firm to provide you with the best service possible. We have a large dedicated operations team focused on working with custodians and tracking performance data. We have a large dedicated investments team focused on investment research, asset allocation, manager selection, and risk management. We have dedicated planning resources focused on staying on top of the latest tax, charitable, estate, and insurance issues. This team approach allows your direct client service team to focus on you instead of trying to do ten jobs at one time! We built our firm based on the team approach and believe it is the most effective way to serve our clients.

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