Managing Every Aspect Of Your Financial Life

Our goal is to help you Protect, Grow, and Manage your wealth in a way that gives you more time to relax and enjoy your life with peace of mind knowing that you have an expert team helping you navigate the road ahead.

We believe in the importance of starting with financial planning. This planning may incorporate lifetime wealth forecast analysis, investment planning, tax planning, risk management, and estate planning elements. We combine this information into an overall interactive wealth forecast that can then be used to test different investment approaches initially, and will also be updated over time as your situation and the investment environment changes.

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Protecting your wealth involves insurance planning and estate planning.

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Financial Planning is a phrase that covers a wide range of services that HB provides to our clients. Ultimately it means that any financial question you have big or small is a question that we will help your family answer, such as:

  • How much money do I need to retire?
  • How much risk do I need to take to potentially reach my goals?
  • How do I maximize my income and minimize my taxes?
  • How do I figure out how to pass wealth down to future generations?

It is important to remember that success and real wealth is not always defined by maximizing your investment returns. Your family financial plan involves complex choices related to risk comfort, time horizons, liquidity needs, tax implications, generational transfer desires, cash flow needs, and philanthropy goals. Homrich Berg works with you to construct the financial plan personalized to fit your goals and needs.