Preparing Future Generations For Financial Success

How do I help my children understand the value of a dollar? How do I set up trusts to give them access to money but not too much too fast? What is the best approach to helping them with their career without giving them too much? How much should I really leave to the kids in my estate plan? These are many of the questions facing wealthy families as they look ahead and worry about the future generations of their family.

HB specializes in working with multi-generational family situations. Instead of providing generic education classes or seminars we focus on a personalized approach unique to each family. We can advise on what we have seen work well (and not work well) in our 30 years of working with wealthy families. We can help you talk with your children or grandchildren about the family wealth situation when the time is right, including helping to facilitate family meetings when appropriate.

Working together, we can help you tackle the challenge of preparing future generations for financial success.