Building A Personal Wealth Forecast For Your Family To Help You Establish The Right Investment Management Plan And Navigate All Of The Financial Life Events Ahead

Wealth forecasting is a critical part of our HB financial planning work for your family. We use interactive financial planning software customized to deliver the helpful analysis we use to guide your investment game plan. This forecast incorporates your income, your savings, your spending, and the big life events in front of you (education, retirement, second home, etc.). We combine this information into an overall interactive wealth forecast that can then be used to test different investment approaches initially, and will also be updated over time as your situation and the investment environment changes.

The beauty of the interactive wealth forecast is that we can test different scenarios and different levels of risk and return for your investments to help your family understand what affects your wealth forecast down the road. The one thing we do know is that financial plans are not a binder you put on a shelf – they are interactive and ever-changing just as your life changes and our ability to help you navigate those changes is part of how we help you achieve real wealth to relax and enjoy your time instead of worrying about the financial details.