Preparing for the Investment In Your Children’s Education

How do I plan for the future college costs of my children? Should I be using a 529 plan? What states offer the best 529 plan options for me? How do I talk to my kids about private vs. public college costs?

Planning for your children’s education is probably one of the most important goals you will have as a parent. For our clients with younger children or grandchildren, these are all critical questions where having an advisor is a wonderful benefit. We help you figure out these answers and ensure that your financial plan includes the steps needed to reach your goals so that you will be ready for the next stage of your child or grandchild’s educational growth. There are many factors to consider when selecting a college savings plan. As with any savings goal, individual factors such as time horizon, risk comfort, investment preferences, and tax situation need to be considered and weighed in order to select the most suitable savings plan. Educational planning involves forecasting the educational needs of your family and designing an investment strategy that specifically addresses those needs.

Working together, we can examine college investment options to build a personalized portfolio that takes into consideration your financial goals, risk comfort, and timeline.