Taking Our Traditional Service To The Next Level, Providing Select Families With A Comprehensive Range Of Services To Manage Their Financial Life Across Generations

The Homrich Berg Family Office division’s goal for family office clients is the simplification of the complex life that comes with being blessed with resources and opportunities. You no longer have to attempt to pull it all together yourself or wonder if someone is making sure that all of the balls in the air are being managed. Homrich Berg Family Office becomes the leader for your family team, working with the various advisors and family staff that are already part of your life. We have specialized expert teams who have managed family offices and worked with family office clients for many years. Even as we utilize this expertise we know that each family office client is unique and we personalize the services and relationship to fit your needs.

Key advantages of working with HB Family Office include:

  • Fiduciary Advice

    Unlike most advisors, HB is not focused on gathering your assets or selling you products. We have flexible fee approaches that do not have to be based on assets under management, and we are not motivated to try to get you to change managers simply to boost fees – in fact our mindset is just the opposite, trying to help families get the best return for their investments in all parts of their financial life.

  • Consolidated Reporting

    According to research from the Family Office Exchange, the average family office spends 32% of its time on collecting, verifying, analyzing, and consolidating financial information. Many family office clients come to us with a mess of multiple managers, tons of statements, and maybe a complex Excel model that attempts to keep track of everything. HB relieves you of the stress of trying to keep it all together by providing comprehensive reporting on all of your investment assets no matter where they are or if they are liquid or illiquid. We can keep track of your private investments including contributions and distributions over time. The result is an easy to understand online reporting system (or printed reports) that show you the family picture however you want to see it and with all of the relevant information you need to understand your situation.

  • Private Alternatives

    Most family office clients take advantage of the wide range of private alternative investment opportunities available for families with wealth. HB has a deep expertise in private investments and a staff of investment analysts focused on finding and evaluating private opportunities for our clients. In addition, our family office clients can share investment opportunities with their HB team that have been presented to the family and HB can provide quick guidance to help the family assess these opportunities (and help them say no when needed!).

  • Administrative Services

    Our family office clients enjoy a level of service that helps them spend less time on little details and paperwork and more time enjoying their wealth and life. For select clients who choose to add the service, HB can also provide bill pay services for an additional fee based on the level of reporting and approvals involved in the process.

Homrich BergFamily Office

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Lifestyle & Asset Mgt
  • Admin Services & Reporting
  • Family Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Philanthropy
  • Generational Guidance and Family Governance

    Family office clients are often most concerned about their future generations and how best to guide their children and grandchildren to make wise decisions regarding their wealth. HB provides education and counseling to the family as well as assistance with family meetings and other approaches to achieve your personal goals.

  • Philanthropy

    Family office clients often have a keen interest in giving back and their level of wealth allows them to make significant gifts or even consider a private foundation. HB helps the family assess their options, navigate major gift discussions, and manage the philanthropy process aligned with the mission, vision, and values of the family.

  • Trusts and Estates

    How should I structure my estate plan to minimize taxes? How should trusts be structured in terms of access to the assets and allowable distributions? Who should I select as trustees? Your estate attorney will be a key resource for these discussions, but your HB team is also there to help you understand the pros and cons of these complex options based on our collective experience. We also help you see how the estate flows map out over time with real dollars in each bucket, an often eye opening review that sometimes leads to changes in the future.