Providing Important Administrative Services to Our Clients to Help Them Relax, Worry Less, and Have More Time to Enjoy Their Wealth

Need to get a wire out to a contractor for that house project? Have an investment that just sent a capital call notice? Want to set up a recurring money movement to a family member? Need a document notarized? Want to get a summary of the transactions in your account? Need to provide summarized tax information for your investments to your CPA? Need a balance sheet or letter to give to the bank regarding a financial transaction? These are just examples of some of the many little services we provide to our full service client relationships. It might not seem like a big deal the first time you think about it, but part of enjoying your wealth is not having to spend as much time dealing with the little financial administrative issues that can get in the way. Your HB client service team has a dedicated client care coordinator who can help with those issues and take them off of your plate. Part of delivering on our goal to allow you to relax and enjoy your wealth is sweating the small stuff so that you do not have to.