Evaluating The Best Strategies To Achieve Your Family Wealth Transfer Goals

What is the best way to achieve my long-term goals for passing wealth to my spouse and/or future generations? How can we most effectively meet our philanthropic goals? We did some estate planning a long time ago – is it still set up the right way to achieve our goals now that our assets have grown and the laws have changed? What are the different ways I can try to avoid estate taxes?

Even after you’ve put together an estate plan, you should review it from time to time based on changes in your life. We work with your attorneys or recommend specialists to work with you as we assess your current situation, and we create new approaches to meet changing needs and regulatory requirements for your estate. We have the expertise to help you wade through all of the acronyms and strategies in order to understand the approach best suited for your family. If applicable, we can also assist you with managing the appropriate trustee services related to the entities created or already in place.

We have deep expertise in estate planning strategies, although for many families we may advise against making it more complicated than necessary. We understand the strategies available to wealthy families and can help you focus on the most beneficial approach for your unique situation.

Knowing you have a properly prepared plan in place, one that contains your instructions and will protect your family, will give you and your family peace of mind.