John Taylor Named as one of UGA FACS 100 Centennial Honorees!



Homrich Berg (HB) is proud to announce that Principal John H. Taylor, CFP®, has been named as one of the University of Georgia (UGA) College of Family and Consumer Sciences FACS 100 Centennial Honorees, honoring 100 influential individuals who positively shaped the college from its origins to present day. John received an undergraduate degree in financial planning from UGA inside the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and has remained active in the school since his graduation. He supports the UGA financial planning program through a variety of capacities including campus lectures, Microsoft Excel labs, and the alumni advisory board.

“Homrich Berg has a strong culture of financial literacy. John’s commitment to research and advancing student opportunities in financial planning is something that we’re all very proud of here at HB,” said Andy Berg, co-founder and CEO.

In February 1918, the UGA Division of Home Economics, later to become the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, was established. The college’s mission is to advance the well-being of individuals and families over their life span and strengthen communities through the generation and dissemination of knowledge, education of professionals, and provision of research-based programs.

“As we stand on the brink of celebrating 100 years of family and consumer sciences at the University of Georgia, we’re excited to announce the names of these individuals who help us celebrate and honor our history and unique contributions to the history of UGA,” said FACS Dean Linda Kirk Fox. “I am proud to join with others in recognizing these individuals who have embraced and influenced the ideals to which our college aspires, including student-centered education, research to improve the human condition, generosity and a spirit of public service. All of the Centennial Honorees and the members of the Honor Hall of Recognition are to be applauded for their contributions to our success.”

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