HB has a partner who specializes in working with women who have gone through a divorce or the loss of their husband. Examples of specific assistance areas beyond our typical investment management and financial planning services are highlighted.

Getting Organized

Helping dig through all of the financial folders to put together the full financial picture to move forward with life.

Setting Goals

Building a wealth forecast and spending budget to reassure the client about the potential to successfully navigate the unknown financial path ahead.

Building Advisor Team

Referring the client to attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, and other advisors who align with their needs and personality – and helping translate their advice when needed.

Updating Legal Documents

Reviewing estate plans, retirement account beneficiaries, asset titling, and other important legal documents to ensure all are updated to reflect the client’s new situation and goals.

Connecting Clients

Hosting small group events of clients with shared interests to build new friendships and share common stories.