Families approaching retirement can benefit from many HB services as they seek understanding and comfort about their financial future.

Wealth Forecasting

Building a long-term cash flow forecast with investment return scenarios and spending scenarios to guide family discussion regarding retirement timing and expected lifestyle as well as choices around deferred compensation plans, defined benefit pension plans, and other retirement decisions.

Second Homes

Advising the family on the potential purchase of a second home, including the impact on the wealth forecast and the tax and legal implications to consider.

Portfolio Transition

Managing the family investment portfolio to target returns aligned with the family income needs once salary income is no longer arriving monthly in the bank account, including adjusting the retirement savings accounts now potentially leaving the company plan.

Medical Insurance

Advising the family and working with their insurance agents on health insurance and Medicare strategies, long-term care insurance options, and other related issues now that the corporate insurance policy is coming to an end.

Tax Planning

Adjusting prior income, investment, and debt strategies to align with the new financial tax picture of the family with regards to deductions, tax brackets, and other issues.

Social Security Strategies

Helping guide the choices around who files when to maximize Social Security income as part of overall cash flow plan.

Updating Key Legal Documents

Working with estate attorney to update estate plans and ensuring appropriate power of attorney documents are correct and updated, recognizing that many may not have been updated for a while.