The examples highlight unique needs of multi-generational family clients that can be addressed by their HB client service team, going beyond our usual financial planning and investment management services.

Consolidated Reporting

Providing 24/7 online access to the complete picture of the family holdings regardless of manager or liquidity, including different logins and access to information for different family members as appropriate.

Structuring Family Entities For Success

Working with the estate attorneys and accountants to develop the right mix of trusts and other family entities to achieve the goals of the family, transfer property over time, and minimize income and estate taxes.

Administrative Hub

Taking care of money movements, capital calls, K-1 tracking, and tax data communication to the CPA to ease the burden for the family related to their complex financial world.

Family Education

Providing a personalized financial education resource for the children and grandchildren appropriate for their situation, and coordinating the agenda and content for family meetings.

Insurance Review

Assessing the current insurance coverages and communicating with insurance agents to ensure that the total coverage and family needs are in sync.

Due Diligence

Reviewing alternative investments, insurance ideas, and other financial strategies pitched to the family by friends and advisors.