Beyond The Numbers: The Art Of Leisure – Reaping The Benefits Of Outdoor Activities


We understand that true wealth encompasses not only financial prosperity but also a rich and fulfilling lifestyle. As part of our “Beyond the Numbers” series, we’re diving into the art of leisure and the numerous benefits of engaging in outdoor leisure activities. While the allure of golf, fly fishing, or e-bike tourism might catch your eye, there are countless other options to consider as well, such as hiking, kayaking, or even bird watching.

The benefits of spending time outdoors are immense. Being in nature has been proven to reduce stress levels, improve mental health, and enhance overall well-being. A study conducted by Stanford University found that simply walking in nature can lower your risk of depression. And these benefits have been understood for many centuries. Nearly 2,500 years ago, ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, was quoted as saying that “Nature itself is the best physician.”

So, let’s dive into some of these outdoor activities:

  • Golf, which offers the opportunity to spend extended periods outdoors while also engaging in a social activity, has many health and wellness benefits. Of course, it can also be a frustrating pastime – in the words of legendary evangelist Billy Graham, “The only time my prayers aren’t answered is on the golf course.”
  • Fly fishing, in addition to its physical benefits, offers a unique form of meditation. The repetitive motion of casting and the focus required to choose the right fly create a mindful experience that can help rejuvenate your spirit. In the words of acclaimed author, Charles K. Fox, “The angler may not remember each fish they’ve caught, but the streams and lakes where they were captured remain unforgettable.”
  • E-bike tourism, an increasingly popular activity, combines the joy of exploration with physical exercise. By allowing you to cover more ground than traditional cycling, e-bike tourism opens a world of possibilities for adventure and discovery, all while giving your health a boost.
  • Sporting clays, often referred to as ‘golf with a shotgun,’ is an engaging outdoor activity that combines physical skill with mental focus. Courses are set in natural surroundings, and the challenge of hitting moving targets provides active mindfulness. According to actor Tom Selleck, “Shooting clay targets is a very cleansing experience. It’s very relaxing. It takes a lot of concentration. It’s also very social, since you’re usually shooting with friends. You can talk and forget about almost anything else that’s on your mind.”

If you are interested in pursuing these or other outdoor activities, below are some resources to help point you in the right direction:

  • Meetup: A platform where you can find local groups with shared interests, including outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and more.
  • REI Experiences: REI offers various classes and events centered around outdoor activities, such as fly fishing, bird watching, and more.
  • Adventure Cycling Association: A resource for those interested in bike tourism, providing maps, tours, and more.
  • GolfLink: A comprehensive resource for golfers, offering course reviews, tips, and more.
  • Orvis: A resource for fly fishing enthusiasts, providing gear, guides, and educational content.

There is no wrong answer when it comes to finding ways to get more outdoor leisure time, and the benefits you reap from these activities will be felt in all areas of your life, enriching your overall well-being.

At HB, our commitment to you and your family extends beyond the financial realm. Our team is here to help you and to continue serving you “Beyond the Numbers,” as we explore more ways to enrich your life experience.

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