Providing You With 24/7 Online Access To Your Performance Reporting Information

We believe in making access to your portfolio performance information easy and simple. HB has invested in cutting-edge performance reporting technology from one of the leading national firms and then customized it to fit the needs of our clients. We utilize an HB version of Black Diamond Performance Reporting software to give you 24/7 online access to your portfolio performance information. You can see your portfolio easily on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The information is “view only” which means no one can actually move money or trade via this access.

Our client dashboard provides you with a snapshot of information including:

  • Your Allocation
  • Your Performance
  • Your Transaction(s) History
  • Your Overall Activity (contributions, withdrawals, and performance gains)
  • Your Projected Income from Your Investments
  • Your Private Investments Information if Appropriate

Each section can be expanded to drill down as desired. Many clients only focus on the high-level information but appreciate knowing that the details are there if they want to dig in on a specific topic. The most important benefit is that clients do not have to wait for a meeting or a report to find out what is going on in their portfolios.

Online Reporting BD3 Dashboard
Online Reporting Performance Card