Why Homrich Berg

Homrich Berg was founded with you in mind, designed to provide unbiased comprehensive wealth management the way you need it.  You can learn a lot more throughout this website about the advantages of our approach, but here are a few highlights:

Unbiased, Fee-Only Advice

The core of our approach is a belief in providing unbiased advice to you.  Homrich Berg operates under the fiduciary standard, meaning that we must put the client first: unlike a brokerage firm or investment bank that operates only under the suitability standard.  But we take it even further, operating as a fee-only advisor.  This means only getting paid by you, our client, via a single transparent fee – no commissions, no financial incentives to pitch certain investments, no selling of insurance or mortgages or accounting services, and no games.  Andy Berg felt so strongly about this that he started our firm in 1989 based on this concept, and we have stayed true to this approach as we have grown to over $5 billion in assets under management.

How to Select an Advisor

Full Service Wealth Management – Your Financial Team Leader

Some firms are good planners, but light on investments.  Other firms specialize in investments, but prefer to manage your money without the hassle of important financial planning details.  Homrich Berg believes you cannot do one without the other, and has built expertise over time in both areas.  We feel strongly that building a solid investment plan starts with understanding your goals, cash flows, life events, etc. to then have a conversation with you about risk tolerance and your path toward your goals.  Your portfolio is customized to align with your goals, and then we serve as your financial team leader over time, dealing with all that may arise as we work with you for many years. Our teams believe in high-touch personal service, working with you and all of your advisors to keep you on the track to your goals.  This is the HB Way.

what we do for you

Services and Investments That Can Grow With You

Some firms have high minimums and focus only on the wealthiest few.  Other firms cannot handle the complexities and investment needs of some families as they grow in wealth.  Homrich Berg is positioned to grow with you over time.  We offer access to alternative investments and sophisticated financial planning services that you would expect from a firm managing over $5 billion in assets that has a dedicated Family Office division.  At the same time, our innovations and investments benefit everyone we serve. We give our clients access to consolidated online performance reporting.  In many cases we help clients gain access to alternative investments via pooled vehicles without any extra HB fees.  Our clients have access to our wide range of estate, tax, insurance, and retirement planning. The bottom line is that we know the meaning of family office services and what that really involves — these are the services we provide to our clients every day.

what you can expect


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